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[Harris Rosen] Teaching someone to be an entrepreneur is a little bit like teaching someone to be six foot eight. You can’t do it. How can you teach someone to take risk? When you take risks and you succeed, and you become even more successful than you ever dreamed, you have to do something good. You must do something good. And sort of that’s what my life is all about.

[Frank Santos] Harris is my mentor. Joining him 30 years ago, I never anticipated we would have the company that we have today. We operate like a family business. We have no debt today, but in the early days SunTrust was there, and they were a friend, and they were partnering with us to get us to where we are today. I don’t think we would have been able to do it without them.

[Becky Cox] It’s exciting to work with a company that is looking to be innovative and creative with solutions. They’re debt averse. With that, we bring other solutions, short-term capital needs. We’re also big on the treasury and deposit and investments.  

[Frank Santos] Becky and I work very closely. She’s like family. We are a 24/7 business, and Becky has always made herself available to me, and that’s very important in the pace in which we work. If we have a challenge or we have a need, we can go to SunTrust and they’ll figure out how to work with us.

[Becky Cox] They’re very strategic. Really what Harris Rosen is trying to do is expand his business so that he can be more philanthropic. The more successful he is, the more philanthropic he wants to be. So my focus for him at SunTrust is to offer him solutions that frees up his time and his energy to focus on what his passion is, which is being a pillar for the community.

[Frank Santos] Harris has always inspired me to always do the right thing, help others who need help. His philanthropy is contagious, I must admit, and we have a lot of our associates who are involved in many different aspects of working for various nonprofits in our community. SunTrust has also been a very good partner in our philanthropy. We’ve asked them to join us in the community to make it a better place to work and live.

[Harris Rosen] What I tell folks is some of us have this horrible entrepreneurial gene. It’s a curse because you’re never satisfied. Never. When you achieve success, you have to balance this in your psyche, in yourself. And do something that’s beneficial. And the more successful you are, the more good stuff you can do. We’re gonna keep doing stuff. There’s no doubt about it. Because I can’t help myself. But we’re gonna keep doing good stuff also.  

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