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[music begins]

[voiceover] Jenna Kelly:

I got into banking by accident. I was born at Crawford, Long Hospital in Atlanta, where my mom worked., Ddad worked at an auto plant. I've always been interested in how things work, how to make things better. I moved around a lot as a kid, so I had to keep learning and putting myself out there, always in different communities. When I came back after college, that's when I fell in love with Atlanta, but I also saw how much help people needed. As a banker, I have an opportunity to improve people's lives. I can see wide- reaching problems, and connect the partners and resources to solve them. It's a puzzle we work on every day. With Truist, it's our people, our partners, and our long history in Atlanta that set us apart. I've always wanted to lead leave things better than I found them, and Truist does too.

[music ends]

Building better lives with care in Atlanta.

Atlanta helped build Truist, and Truist helped build Atlanta. Our roots go deep here, and so does our care.

Our $300 million commitment is to all of Atlanta—from ITP to OTP.

Care is tirelessly fighting for your community. It’s helping to launch a million Black-owned businesses. It’s providing comprehensive healthcare to the most vulnerable. It’s the legacy of building better lives and communities. See how Truist is caring for Atlanta.

We’re creating a better financial experience so that you can achieve financial confidence. These tools can help you plan and prepare for the future you want.

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Money and Mindset with Bright and Brian

He knows finances. She studies happiness. Together, they offer tips on how to build financial confidence and live happier.

Let’s get financially confident.

Truist Momentum equips you with the information and tools you need to prioritize, plan, and progress on your journey to financial confidence.

Beyond Atlanta.

Learn more about Truist and how we’re creating a better financial experience to help people and businesses achieve more.