Caring for the Dallas-Fort Worth community

It’s our purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities. And we prove it—with care. We’re bringing new banking solutions, outstanding teammates, and our dedication to service to North Texas. Let’s build something great—together.

We’re coming in hot. With care.

We’re a bank that takes care seriously—but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it. Check out how Tim has always been looking out for friends and clients. 

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VO: Meet Tim


VO: Tim was born to care and always gave the best advice.


VO: Like the time he offered a friend…


VO: …some helpful tips…


YOUNG TIM: Hug the left, and hit it nice and firm.

VO: … to help him make the shot.

VFX: Animated dotted lines to the Putt Putt hole-in-one.


VO: Today, Tim is a teammate at Truist, where you can get the Truist Mobile App. And just like Tim, it gives personalized tips to keep your financial game sharp.

TIM: Boom.

VO: When you start with care, you get a different kind of bank.

Christian Corts

Regional President, Dallas-Fort Worth region

At Truist, we believe in caring for all parts of our communities. That’s why we’re making significant investments in underserved neighborhoods, including here in North Texas, where we’ve contributed over $2 million to support nonprofits like Interfaith Family Services and the SMU STEM School in their efforts to help communities thrive. We’re opening 15 new branches in low- and moderate-income and minority communities, including two in Dallas. I’m proud to work for an organization that’s making such a huge impact.”

We’re creating positive impact on a whole new scale.

From empowering women and people of color through entrepreneurship to helping students achieve success with the SMU STEM School, our community partners are making Dallas-Fort Worth a better place to be. We stand behind these organizations as they meet the community’s needs.

We’re creating a better experience so that you can achieve financial confidence. These tools can help you plan and prepare for the future you want.

Start strengthening your finances—no account needed.

Take a listen.

Brian knows finances. Bright studies happiness. Together, they offer tips on how to build financial confidence and live happier on our podcast—Money and Mindset with Bright and Brian.

Get financially confident.

Truist Momentum equips your employees with the information and tools they need to prioritize, plan, and progress on their journey to financial confidence.

Adjust your money mindset.

When you feel better about your finances, life seems a little brighter. That’s why we offer newsletters, articles, and tools to support and empower you.