Truist Trusteed Foundation

Trusteed Foundations

In their concern for community wellbeing, the benefactors who established these foundations directed that available proceeds should be judiciously distributed to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations with demonstrable records of superior service in the fields of Leadership Development, Economic Mobility, Thriving Communities and Education.

The Distribution Committee

Truist Bank provides trustee services to private and family foundations, including the six foundations detailed on this website. As stewards to the Truist Trusteed Foundations, we are happy to provide information about their grant guidelines and the application process in the Atlanta area.

Each proposal submitted is automatically considered for funding by the English, Marshall, Rich, Woolford, Elkin, and Greene-Sawtell foundations. Only one application form is needed to apply to all six foundations.

Harry L. English was the son of Capt. James Warren English, Mayor of Atlanta from 1882-1884. Capt. English gained prominence in Atlanta through the real estate business. Harry and his wife Florence built a house on West Paces Ferry Road across from the Governor's Mansion. The house still stands today. Harry died in 1937, and in 1964, The Florence C. and Harry L. English Memorial Fund was established to honor Harry and Florence.

Mrs. Harriett McDaniel Marshall created this Trust in 1962 to honor her father, Sanders McDaniel, a Monroe, GA native and an Atlanta attorney. Mr. McDaniel was the son of former Governor Henry D. McDaniel (1883-1888), under whose administration the State Capitol Building in Atlanta was completed. Harriett married Rembert Marshall, one of her father's law partners.

Walter H. Rich was the second president of Rich's department store (1926-1947), succeeding his uncle, Morris Rich, who founded the company as M. Rich & Bros. in 1867. Morris Rich changed the name to Rich's when a new store was built on the corner of Broad and Alabama Streets in downtown Atlanta in 1924. Both Morris and Walter as well as Daniel Rich, Morris' brother and Walter's father, are buried in Atlanta's historic Oakland Cemetery. The Walter H. and Marjory M. Rich Memorial Fund was established in 1959.

This Memorial Fund was established to make gifts to institutions which are members of a community fund, nonprofit hospitals, or are an institution which places emphasis upon the education and training of individuals and scholarship funds.

This Trust was created under the will of Thomas Guy Woolford, a member of the family who founded Retail Credit Company (1899) which ultimately became Equifax Inc. This Trust was established to make gifts to institutions that are organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious, educational or scientific purposes. Because of the family's ties to the Atlanta area, the Distribution Committee will give priority to charitable, religious, educational or scientific organizations in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

The Nell Warren Elkin and William Simpson Elkin Foundation was created as a memorial by Miss Margaret R. Warren, Miss Charlotte L. Warren and Mrs. Josephine Warren Asbury, sisters of Nell Warren Elkin. The following charitable institutions were suggested by the Foundation's founders as worthy and valuable organizations. However, the Foundation's trustee is not required to make grants to these organizations and will entertain proposals from other organizations.

  • Robert Winship Cancer Clinic, Atlanta, GA
  • A.G. Rhodes, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Georgia Heart Association, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Bible Study Hour, Philadelphia, PA
  • American Bible Society, New York, NY
  • Emory University, Atlanta, GA

The Greene-Sawtell Foundation was established by Mr. Forest Greene and Mrs. Alice Greene Sawtell, who served as the first Advisory Committee. Under the terms of the document which established the Foundation, the advisory committee was created to select the charitable organizations which the Foundation would support. Truist Bank, as Trustee, now determines which charitable, religious and educational organizations will receive support from the Foundation. The Trustee considers organizations which the Foundation has supported in the past, those in which Mrs. Sawtell had a personal interest, and those which are of a similar nature to the organizations in which Mrs. Sawtell had an interest.

  • Charities Suggested in the Document Establishing the Foundation:
  • Various Protestant Charities in Georgia
  • Young Harris College
  • LaGrange College
  • Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School
  • Reinhardt College
  • Methodist Children's Home, Decatur, Georgia
  • Hillside Cottages, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Thornwell Orphanage, Clinton, South Carolina
  • Henrietta Egleston Hospital for Children, Decatur, Georgia

  • Charities Supported by Mrs. Sawtell during her lifetime:
  • First Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia
  • St. Jude's Recovery Center, Inc.
  • Atlanta Union Mission
  • Center for the Visually Impaired
  • Sheltering Arms Day Care Center
  • The Salvation Army