The GRAD program

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At Truist, we stand for better. We're striving to create an inclusive and energizing environment that empowers all of our teammates to learn, grow, and have meaningful careers because everyone should have the opportunity to thrive. So we created GRAD, the Grow, Recruit, and Accelerate Development program, a new immersive pathway that fast-tracks development for high-performing diverse leaders. With GRAD, you'll network with executive leadership, develop your leadership skills, and get career coaching exposure to senior leadership through a wide range of projects, growing your career in just months. We boldly believe in the power of the GRAD program, the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the power of what we can achieve together. Apply now, and define your career for better.

Creating pathways to success

Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their professional goals. That’s why we created the Grow, Recruit, and Accelerate Development (GRAD) program—to fast-track development for high-performing, diverse leaders. Learn, grow, and have a meaningful career—here.


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At Truist, we’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. So we created GRAD—to advance senior-level pathways for high-performing, diverse leaders.

GRAD follows a two-pronged ‘grow and recruit’ approach to create a talent community of:

  • Internal teammates through an in-role accelerator network experience.
  • External hires through a 9-month cohort program.

It provides participants with tools and resources related to our 3 talent philosophies—education, exposure, and experience—so they can achieve short- and long-term success. 

This 9-month accelerator program is for diverse external talent. It offers a comprehensive, immersive experience shaping cross-functional strategic priorities curated by our Executive Leadership team. Participants will serve as internal consultants helping develop and implement improvement plans for Truist.

This accelerator in-role experience advances pathways for diverse internal talent. Participants will serve as internal consultants helping develop and implement strategic improvement plans for Truist.

The goal? To provide teammates with tools and curated resources that will prepare them for senior-level roles.

The GRAD Cohort Accelerator Program lasts for 9 months, and the GRAD Internal Network Experience lasts approximately 12 to 18 months.

The goal of GRAD is to build a community of diverse teammates who are prepared to take on senior-level roles at Truist.

There are so many great reasons to apply for GRAD—you’ll:

  • Expand your knowledge through leadership training and individualized career coaching.
  • Gain direct exposure to executive leaders through unique networking events and mentoring.
  • Accelerate your career through high-visibility projects curated by executive leadership.

Eligible future teammates can apply by clicking here. If you are already a Truist Teammate, please contact to learn more about the internal eligibility requirements and process.

Please contact us with any questions.